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BRANCH G:  The Ancestry of DNA Project Participant George Rushton Guthrie

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Common Ancestor for MD/PA Group Division 1 Cluster 2: The Guthries of Pitforthie* 
James Guthrie (1715-????) & Jeannette Wilson**
James Guthrie (1749-1812) & Jennet Culbertson

Rev. James Guthrie (1777-1850) & Sarah Gallaher***
James Culbertson Guthrie (1823-1880) & Mary Rogers Work
John Work Guthrie (1850-1930) & Eleanor Gilchrist
James C. Guthrie (1879-1952) & Goldie Strattan

Marion Culbertson Guthrie (1907-1952) & Daisy F. Rushton
George Rushton Guthrie (DNA Project Participant)

*DNA testing has proven that LRG's theory about the sons of Robert Guthrie and his presumed wife, "Miss Darlington", is at least partially wrong. The DNA of James Guthrie & Jeanette Wilson's descendants is similar to that of Branch G, with whom participants share 2 specific Pattern Markers. As of Jan 2013, James & Jeanette's descendants have been moved to Branch G and are now categorized as being "Division 1, Cluster 2". Division 1 indicates DYS534 results = 15. Cluster 2 indicates they have matching Pattern Markers DYS442 = 11 and DYS712 = 20.

** Jeannette/Jennet Wilson & Culbertson. Be careful when reviewing LRG's Guthrie book and other resources that might confuse two women of different generations because of the similarities of their given name. Check out the documentation here at Guthrie Genealogy to get the details.

***There is a lot of confusion in online sources about the mother of James Culbertson Guthrie. My research has identified that Sarah Gallaher is the mother of James Culbertson Guthrie. Details available onsite.

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