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Branch E:  The Ancestry of DNA Project Participant Ellis Joel Guthrie

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This page reflects a major update in the family line of this participant by moving EEG's ancestral line from Branch B (a hypothetical family suggested by LRG) to Branch E. A collaborative genetic genealogy effort (combining traditional research and genetic data) has led the researchers this conclusion. See individual family links for additional details. (11/2011)

Robert Guthrie (c1700-1782) & Bridget Dougherty
Robert Guthrie (1737-1808) & Agnes Gordon
Robert Guthrie (1767-1847) & Margaret Wilson
Robert Guthrie (1803-1887) & Sarah Leatherman
William Richard Guthrie (1849-1931) & Tabitha Jane Hawk
Joseph Leatherman Guthrie (1879-1980) & Elsie Rosetta Teagarden
Ellis Gerald Guthrie (1922-1990) & Ruth Elizabeth Barndt
Ellis Joel Guthrie (DNA Project Participant) 

Note: Joel is new to the world of genealogy. Two cousins, descendants of Robert (1767-1847) Guthrie's twin sons, Robert & Thomas, are the primary contacts for this line. Anyone interested in corresponding on this line should email the site coordinator

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