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FAMILY LEGENDS of BRANCH E:  The Canonsburg Connection

The Story of Finding a Few Missing Links

ORIGIN UPDATE: The previously posted origin theory about Andrew Paxton Guthrie's parents, John & Lilly, and grandparents, James & Sarah, has now been proven thanks to a Paxton family cousin coming forward with some missing link information. It would still be great to have some DNA evidence, but for now the paper trail looks pretty solid back to James & Sarah's generation.

New evidence has come to light regarding James Guthrie's possible origins. 

We already knew that he was born in Pennsylvania, and that James moved with several family members from PA to OH where he settled in Highland, Muskingum, Ohio.

What we didn't know was where he was living in Pennsylvania.

See the Branch E intro page for some details.

After stumbling across a few clues among Washington County, PA records and piecing together a few other tidbits, we now believe that James Guthrie of Highland, Muskingum, Ohio was the same man who was living in Chartiers, Washington, Pennsylvania prior to 1830. This James Guthrie was the son of Robert Guthrie Jr & Agnes Gordon. The James Guthrie who ended up in Highland owned property in Canonsburg where his daughter Sarah married James Barnett. James, son of Robert & Agnes, received property from his parents, who also owned property in Canonsburg. Several other clues seem to corroborate the notion that it was just 1 James Guthrie rather than 2. 

If James of Highland is the son of Robert & Agnes, then he is also the grandson of Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty of Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. 


A direct male Guthrie descendant of Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty. Update 10/12: A descendant of son George is a match for MD/PA

A direct male Guthrie descendant of James Guthrie & Sarah Dunlap. (Any son except John)

A direct male Guthrie descendant of John Guthrie & Lily. (Any son except Andrew) 

UPDATE 7/2011: We still have not found a direct descendant of Robert & Bridget to volunteer for a DNA test. However, we have one for the line of John Guthrie & Jane Reed. John is supposed to be Robert's brother. They immigrated from the same area in Londonderry, Ireland. John's descendant is a MD/PA Group match. I was hoping to consider this 'inferred DNA' until such a time that we could find someone from R&B's line. Unfortunately, we have a little snag. On p.185 of his book, 'American Guthrie and Allied Families', Laurence R Guthrie added a list of several children to a man named John, son of Branch B descendants Samuel Guthrie & Jane Wilson, and claimed that their 'connection has not been clearly established'. These same children have been positively identified via census records and other family documents as belonging to the family of our new DNA participant whose family claim John Guthrie & Jane Reed as their ancestors. Either the DNA results reveal that LRG was right. Or they reveal that John Guthrie & Jane Reed's line is indeed MD/PA Group. We need to verify our participant's lineage, specifically the link between his ancestor Samuel Smith Guthrie and his parents James Guthrie & Mary Miller. If accurate, then the rest of the line is secure. If Samuel Smith Guthrie's father is actually John, son of Samuel Guthrie & Jane Wilson, then we have simply located another Branch B line. We would need additional DNA from a different John & Jane (Reed) Guthrie line of descent. Until the outcome can be verified it will not be helpful in determining the possible link between Branch E and the family of Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty.

UPDATE 8/2011: Thanks to some good ol' traditional research by EJG's cousin, JH, we now know that Branch E is indeed lined to ancestors Robert Guthrie and Bridget Dougherty. And our John & Jane (Reed) Guthrie descendant is also a match for the MD/PA Group. However, he doesn't have the special genetic marker we thought he would have to match up with our R&B descendant. No conclusions yet as to why that might be. Theories are in the works.

UPDATE 10/2012: We now have a direct descendant of Robert & Bridget's presumed son George Guthrie participating in the project. He shares the Pattern Marker at DYS534=14 found in the other Branch E participants, all three Branch A participants, and our Branch H participant.