Guthrie Genealogy



FAMILY LEGENDS of BRANCH D:  The Archibald Factor

The Story of John Guthery's Possible Brother and/or Father Named Archibald. 

Based on locality alone, Branch D has a very good chance of being a sub-branch of Branch B. Unfortunately, that could also be coincidence. Families with similar names often live in the same area, especially if everyone gets there when the region is being settled. However, based on DNA matches, these two branches definitely share a common ancestor. The question is just how far back on the Family Tree do you have to go to find him?

While we're searching, we take what meager clues we're offered.

The following is an excerpt of Mary Grey May's book: The Guthrie Family of Greene County, Pennsylvania. In it she mentions information from Howard Leckey's book: 'The Tenmile Country and its Pioneer Families'.

"There is a record of an Archibald "Guttry in the French and Indian War, a shadowy figure who lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania settlement, who afterward went to western Pennsylvania, and Mr. Laurence Guthrie suggests he was possibly the father of John Guthery's neighbor in Green County, Archibald Guthrie. Mr. Leckey believes John and Archibald were brothers. John named a son Archibald. All this is merely circumstantial evidence and may be taken only as such, no proof is at present available. The Archibald Guthrie of Greene County was a member of the same regiment as our ancestor in the Revolution when they made the severe march into New Jersey. He lost his life during this campaign. He left many descendants, some of whom still live in Greene County."  

Was Archibald of Greene County the brother of John Guthery? Was their father also named Archibald? If we find him, perhaps we can find further clues about the ancestral trail of Branch D.

First we need some proof that Archibald and John share the same genetic heritage. The presumed brother named Archibald married Rebecca Phillips. They had only 1 son, also named Archibald, who married Elizabeth Lemley.

 After locating a descendant of Archibald Guthrie & Rebecca Phillips, we can announce that the results are indeed a match for GFG2A. The 67-marker test is a Genetic Distance of 1 from that of the descendant of John Guthery. The single mutation difference was located on one of the 5 fastest moving markers, meaning the rate of change within a short span of time is much more frequent than on other markers tested. These results are exactly the close match the origin theory predicted. Both John and Archibald descend from a common Guthrie ancestor. The proven lineages of the two descendants tested show that they did not share an ancestor within at least 6 generations. By plugging that information into the FTDNA Time Predictor (TiP) Tool it tells us that there is a 59% chance that John & Archibald were brothers, a 74% chance that their fathers were brothers, an 84% chance that their grandfathers were brothers, and a 90% chance that their great-grandfathers were brothers.

ORIGIN UPDATE: The expansion of our GFG2A DNA tests to the Y-111 marker level has revealed diverging similarities between the DNA of Archibald Guthery and John Guthery's descendants. Although they are still definitely GFG2A descendants, there are no similarities in the variances found in each of these 2 Branch D lineages. This might mean that the variances developed after their common ancestor's generation, or that John was simply not Archibald's brother after all.