Guthrie Genealogy



Before DNA came into use as a tool for genealogists, it was commonly believed that all people of the GUTHRIE surname were related. That despite the 700+ years that had passed since it came into use as a name there had been no significant deviation from that single historical line of GUTHRIE men and women found in the history books.

Common sense will tell you that during that long period there will have been many opportunities for the GUTHRIE name to be used by more than one genetic family. GUTHRIE was a location as well as a family name, and the people who lived there may easily have taken that surname. Feudal laws in Scotland also required a husband to assume the family name of his wife in some circumstances before he could legally inherit the title and lands of his wife. Second marriages whereby the wife's children were given the GUTHRIE name, other adoptions, and the age old issue of false paternity have no doubt come into play over the centuries.

Burning questions:

1) Are you related to the GUTHRIE FAMILY who built GUTHRIE CASTLE?

2) Are you related to JAMES GUTHRIE, the MARTYR of STIRLING?

3) Are you related to any other famous GUTHRIE men and women?

Each GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUP has been identified by the GUTHRIE DNA PROJECT through Y-DNA Testing of its participants. Y-DNA is found only on the male chromosome. This is the type of DNA passed down from father to son generation after generation virtually unchanged over the course of time. It allows us to match Guthrie men to their male Guthrie cousins even when many generations separate them from their most recent common ancestor.

There are over a dozen genetically unique GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS in the project. Each of them originated with a single male ancestor. The more participation we have from Guthrie descendants, the more likely we are to be able to track down those ancestors we share in common.

Many of these groups come with lineages traceable back to their early origins in Scotland and/or Ireland. Some cannot trace their line beyond colonial times. Members of the Guthrie DNA Project come from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Finding cousins in unexpected places may provide some clues to the origins of your own line.

Not all of the GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS have DNA that matches people of the GUTHRIE surname. 

Although multiple GUTHRIE lineages and many generations with the Guthrie name may be involved, the DNA analysis may show that the original Y-DNA is more commonly found in men of a different surname. In these instances, historical connections may exist with a particular Guthrie group suggesting that one lineage should belong to a specific group, even if it does not genetically match that group. Genetic mismatches occur due to adoptions, paternal events, feudal laws, and various other happenstances. 

If there is evidence of a genetic mismatch where traditional research provides other documentation of a connection, these lineages have been added as a sub-group of the main GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUP to which the line is known to belong. In the absence of documentation linking those lineages, those participants have formed their own groups.

If you are not a male Guthrie, you can still participate in the Guthrie DNA Project via Family Finder Testing (autosomal testing). You can also transfer AncestryDNA or 23andMe autosomal tests to the FTDNA database for inclusion in the project. We hope to gather enough data to match up 'lost lineages' to their correct Guthrie Family Groups. 

All lineages associated with the Guthrie DNA Project, both grouped and ungrouped, and associated with Y-DNA and Family Finder Testing, have been added to my AncestryDNA GUTHRIE RESEARCH TREE.

The following links connect to detailed information on each of the project-defined GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS.



Guthries of Craigie / SCT / Middlesex VA / Worcester MD


Guthries of Pitforthie / Edinburgh SCT / Londonderry N.IRE / CT / DE / PA / VA / WV / OH / NC / SC / TN / GA / AL


Guthries of Ayrshire SCT / PA / VA / NZ


Guthries of King William VA / KY / TN


Guthries of Hanover VA / KY / NC / SC / GA


Guthries of Edinburgh and Ayrshire SCT / N.IRE / DE / PA / NY / VA / ONT


Guthries of SCT / PA / AUS


Guthries of Halifax VA / N.IRE


Guthries of Green/Pagett DNA / SCT / GA / SC


Guthries of East TN


Guthries of Ballou/Ballew DNA / SCT / TN / VA / GA / TX


Guthries of Benbow DNA / SCT / TN


Guthries of Antrim N.IRE / SCT / NY / NC / TN


Guthries of Joyce DNA / OH / NY