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GUTHRIES of Roddy/Ruddy DNA / Halifax VA / N.IRE

Four of the five participants in this group descend from Thomas Guthrie 1711VA-1786VA and Mary Cason. The other match is a descendant of Patrick Guthrie (d1849 IRE) & Bridget Cusick, suggesting that the most recent common group ancestor will be found in Ireland. The most common surname match for this group is Roddy/Ruddy.


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Thomas Guthrie 1711VA-1786VA (Mary Cason)

Patrick Guthrie d1849IRE (Bridget Cusack) 

Here is a copy of a post by James Guthrie (jog49), Guthrie DNA Project Co-Administrator, from the Guthrie Message Board at Ancestry: 

"In my continuing efforts to distinguish among the Guthrie factions in Halifax Co., Virginia, I will identify what I know about Thomas Guthrie, who wrote his will in Halifax County in 1786 and died, apparently, in the later part of that year. In the will, he lists only one male heir and that son is named Cason Guthrie. I will also include what I know about the son. 

First mention of Thomas Guthrie in Halifax Co., Va. was a 1768 court order where he was beckoned by the court to work on the roads with Jacob Miller as the surveyor.

I know from past correspondence with members of the Cason family that Thomas Guthrie was married to Mary Cason, daughter of Roger Cason and Elizabeth Larkin (?). Roger Cason and his family moved to Halifax Co., VA. in the 1750s from Spotsylvania Co., VA. Roger and Elizabeth Cason's children seem to have been born in the 1730s/1740s so I would assume that Mary was of a similar age. We know from the 1850 census of Christian Co., KY. that Mary Cason Guthrie's son, Cason (Cayson) Guthrie ,was then 90 years old so he would have had a birth year of 1760, requiring Mary to have been born, at least, in the 1740s. The Cason family has records indicating that Roger Cason was born ca. 1710.

In the 1782 and 1785 tithables lists for Halifax County, the Thomas Guthrie household numbered seven (7) whites. From the 1786 will descriptions, six persons in the household can be accounted, and they are Thomas, wife Mary, son Cason, and daughters Francis (sp) Day, Elizabeth Peterson, and Mary Guthrie. I would suspect that the seventh person is probably a grandchild since daughter Elizabeth Guthrie Peterson was back living at home when the will was written.

As to whom this Thomas Guthrie belonged........or where he came from, I have no idea. In the 1749 and 1750 personal property tax lists from Lunenburg Co., VA. (from which Halifax Co. was formed), there is a John Guthrie listed as a head-of-household tithable along with a tithable in his household (+16 years of age) named Robert Guthrie. Halifax Co. was formed in 1752 and there are mentions for a John Guthrie in the 1750s entries of the Halifax Co. court records....1755-1759. I believe this might be the same John, in all instances, and there is a good possibility that either John or Robert Guthrie may play into the heritage of Thomas Guthrie of Halifax County.

Thomas Guthrie was dead by November, 1786 as daughter, Elizabeth Guthrie Peterson had remarried to a Morriss (and known as Betsey Morriss) and was suing her brother, Cason Guthrie (one of the probate securitors of the estate) in court for a portion of her father's estate. Thomas Guthrie had left a portion of his estate to Elizabeth Guthrie Peterson as long as she remained unmarried and in that household. She, apparently, remarried to a Morriss between September (the date of the will) and November (the date she filed suit) and was trying to claim a portion of the Thomas Guthrie estate to which she was no longer entitled (per the will). Asher (Asia) Reeves was the other probate securitor of the Thomas Guthrie estate. In the courts of Halifax Co. in 1790, the suit against Cason Guthrie (and then Asia Reeves) was dismissed so I assume Elizabeth "Betsey" Guthrie Peterson Morriss lost her claim to her father's estate.

In the 1786 Personal Property Tax List for Halifax Co., Thomas Guthrey was listed as a HOH with Caison (sp) Guthrey as a member of that household and of a tithable age. In the 1787 tax list, the listing was for Mary Guthry (widow of Thomas). In the 1788 tax list and thereafter, Cason Gutrey (Gutry, Guthrie) was listed as tithable. Thomas Guthrie and all his descendants always lived in the southern district of Halifax County....from 1782 and forward.

In the deeds of Halifax County, Thomas Guthrey bought 1/4 section (160 acres) on the Dan River from John Rowe on 16 OCT 1777. This land was described as adjoining lands of Thomas Caison (sp), who would have been Thomas's brother-in-law (son of Roger and Elizabeth Larkin Cason).

In the Maariage Register for Halifax County, the following marriage was recorded: 7 JUN 1786....Cason Guthrey to Dwithe Beevers.

It took years to dicipher the bride's name and it was decided it was a phonetic attempt at the name Dorothy Reeves (Reaves). About the same time this conclusion was drawn, a document surfaced from 1 May 1844 naming the four known children of this marriage as heirs to the estate of George Reeves and Mildred Reaves, by entitlement from their mother Dorothy Reeves (Reaves) Guthrie. This is in Deed Book 55, page 712, 22 heirs of George Reaves, deceased, and Mildred Reaves, deceased, to James Farrer for $180.80, 47 3/4 acres. Named were Lavinia Guthrie Salmon and spouse, Reuben, Ephraim Guthrie and wife, Nancy (Blackwell), Thomas Guthrie, and Lettice Guthrie.

The marriage of Cason Guthrie to Dorothy Reaves produced Lavinia "Viney" Guthrie who married Reuben Salmon. Lavinia appears ot have been the oldest child and she was married to Reuben Salmon in Person Co., NC on 19 JUN 1801 but resided in Halifax Co.. Next child was Ephraim Guthrie and he married Nancy Blackwell, daughter of James & Elizabeth Blackwell on 18 DEC 1809 in Halifax Co. and remained there. Third child was Thomas Guthrie and he married Frances "Fanny" Gravitt in Person Co., NC on 16 JUN 1814 but resided in Halifax Co..Fanny Gravitt Guthrie was alive in 1842 per a Halifax Co. deed document but was not alive by the time of the Reaves estate settlement in 1844 as she was not listed as spouse of Thomas. Fourth and last known child of this marriage was Lettitia(Lettice, "Letty") who was unmarried and served as a dower aunt to her nieces and nephews. Letty spent most of her life in Halifax Co. but in the 1850s moved to Stokes Co., NC following a niece. Lavinia, the oldest, appears to have been born ca. 1787 and Lettitia, the youngest, appears to have been born ca. 1800. Dorothy Reaves Guthrie appears to have died at or after the birth of Lettitia Guthrie as another marriage is recorded for Cason Guthrie in Halifax Co., Va. in 1802. Specifically: 21 MAR 1802....Caison (sp) Guthrey to Elizabeth Lee.

Children of this second marriage that I have been able to identify are Harrison Guthrie who married Martha Torian and died ca. 1841 in Christian Co., KY., Jane Guthrey who married John Thaxton on 24 DEC 1827 in Halifax Co., VA., and Elizabeth Guthrie who married William Torian. Cason Guthrie and this second family left Halifax Co., VA. for Christian Co., KY., ca. 1831. As previously mentioned, Cayson (sp) Guthrie was alive there when the 1850 Census was taken and was then 90 years of age (born ca. 1760). The children of Cason Guthrie's first marriage never left Halifax Co., VA. or that area.

Cason Guthrie's two oldest sons, Ephraim and Thomas, both signed up for and were veterans of the War of 1812.

More modern DNA studies indicate that Thomas Guthrey of the 1790 Census for Rockingham Co., NC (later moving to Lincoln Co., NC) was very closely related to Thomas Guthrey of Halifax Co., VA. who wrote th will in 1786. A documented descendant of Thomas Guthrie of Rockingham/Lincoln Cos. matches a documented descendant of Thomas Guthrey of Halifax Co., VA. in 107 of 111 DNA markers leading one to believe that they were of the same family with Thomas #2 being a son of Thomas #1. Thomas #2 lived immediately adjacent to a Thomas Carter who went to Rckingham Co., NC some time after the war from Halifax Co., VA. Thomas #2 named his oldest son Carter Guthrie making me think that Thomas Carter may have married a Thomas #1 daughter, then migrating to NC with his brother-in-law following.


This Guthrie lineage is most likely either the result or the cause of a paternal event or adoption with the Roddy/Ruddy family.

At the Y111 testing level Participant 33800 is a 111/111 match for 62514. These results suggest that the two men have a closer common ancestor within the group. Upon examination of their Family Trees, this appears to be correct. Both men descend from William Henry Guthrie 1816VA-c1901VA & Susan Thaxon. Thomas & Mary (Cason) Guthrie were William Henry Guthrie’s great-grandparents.

Both 51487 and 156204 have 4 differences compared to these two men. 

At the Y67 marker level several Roddy/Ruddy men appear as distant matches to our Guthrie participants. This suggests that the event occurred some time ago.

Most of the participants list a John E Ruddy of Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland as their furthest known Roddy/Ruddy ancestor. Since we know the Guthrie ancestors of our project participants have been in America since the late 1700s - early 1800s, a common ancestor would likely be found in Northern Ireland rather than in Virginia... unless there was another paternal branch of the Roddy/Ruddy family who came to America from whom these Guthries descend (or vice versa).