Guthrie Genealogy



GUTHRIES of Ayrshire SCT / PA / AUS

This is a small group with an American line and an Australian line. Presumably, their most recent common ancestor is from Scotland, potentially in Ayrshire. The ancient DNA profile shows haplogroup matches in Scotland, England, Norway and Sweden.


Alfred Bertram 'Bud' Guthrie aka A.B. Guthrie (13 Jan 1901 - 26 Apr 1991). An American novelist, screenwriter, historian and literary historian, A.B. Guthrie won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction during 1950 for his novel 'The Way West'. He was born in Bedford, Indiana, but relocated with his parents to Montana. The family had nine children, but most died as infants. Only three survived to adulthood. Bud is a descendant of Daniel Guthrie and Jane Flinn. (Source: Wikipedia) 


Descendants of Daniel Guthrie c1737PA-1826 (Jane Flinn)

Descendants of John Guthrie c1786SCT (Betty Logan)

Source:  Jackson County, Indiana, Fort Vallonia Chapter N.S.D.A.R. Genealogical and Historical Data, printed in 1952

Daniel Guthrie, Sr served in the French and Indian War under General Braddock.  During the Revolution, he served with the Continental Line from Bedford County, PA.  His brother, Hugh, also served in the Revolution, and was present at the surrender of Yorktown.  Later, Daniel and Hugh moved to Lee County, VA where "by virtue of a Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant", Daniel entered between 1795 and 1797, eight tracts of land, 1257 acres.  He lived at Rye Cove, in the present Scott County, VA.

In 1809 the families of Daniel Guthrie, Sr, Daniel Jr., and the latter's father in law, William Flinn, moved to Kentucky, where they intended to settle, and where they were listed in the 1810 Census of Shelby County. Here they learned of the Treaty of Fort Wayne, made in 1809, and decided to move to Indiana Territory to be on hand when the land should be opened to settlement. 

They were joined by the families of John, Hugh, and William Guthrie (sons of Daniel, Sr.), and that of Jacob Flinn, brother of William and father in law of John Guthrie. Deliberately, they settled on the "wrong side" of the Indian Boundary, and by so doing became the victims of repeated raids and thefts by the Indians, culminating in the Leesville Massacre of 1813 (or 1815).  The little settlement, known as Flinn's Fort, Flinn's Settlement, Guthrie's Settlement, and finally as Leesville, was at first in the original county of Knox, but as new counties were organized, it fell successively in Washington, Jackson, and finally Lawrence County, IN.

Daniel Guthrie, Sr. dies Sep. 17, 1826; his wife Jane died Aug 18, 1826.  Both are buried in the old Elijah Allen Cemetery near Leesville, where their graves are marked by crudely carved but legible stones.

John Guthrie was born in Ayrshire, Scotland about 1768 and married Betty Logan. They had at least 2 children: Betty (1788) and Charles (1789-1840). Charles was married twice, first to Mary Miller with whom he had several children, and second to Agnes Smith, with whom he had one son. Charles and Mary's son, Hugh Miller Guthrie emigrated from Ayrshire, Scotland to Tasmania, Australia in the 1840s-1850s. Our participant of this lineage is an Australian Guthrie. 


This group has a potential advantage with its newest participant. Although all of the other participants with known lineages descend from Daniel Guthrie of 1700s PA, the ancestor of Participant 230119 never came to America. John Guthrie was born in Ayr, Scotland about 1768. His grandson immigrated directly to Australia in 1849. The location of this Guthrie family in Ayrshire could guide Guthrie-Flinn researchers.