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Origin Theories for GFG2A

Guthrie Family Group 2A is the largest of all existing groups within the DNA project represented by 11 distinct genetically-matched branches. Current genetic data suggests a majority of high-level (Y-111) matches to people of the Guthrie surname indicating the group's ancestry is long-standing. There are several Origin Stories connected to our family branches, but the one likely to provide us with a key clue to our collective origins suggests a family tie to the Guthries of Pitforthie / Pitforthy.

Hints in the DNA: Branches and Clusters

Thanks to the size of our group, GFG2A is big enough to reveal patterns of inheritance within the DNA itself. This helps us figure out which branches are more closely / more recently related to one another within our collective family tree.

The Ice Age: Our Distant Human Origins Revealed by DNA

Genealogy goes way back. Way, way back. To the prehistoric Ice Age. Learn a little about your caveman ancestors.

Family Legends of Branch A: The Irish Connection

Numerous online trees have attached Robert Guthrie & Bridget Dougherty as the parents of Branch A's patriarch James Guthrie of Ireland, Maryland & North Carolina. DNA proves they are closely related, but a little traditional research proves it is not as father & son. 

Family Legends of Branches B, F, & I: The 3 Brothers Theory

Three brothers working in Edinburgh as iron manufacturers left Scotland. John stopped in Ireland before settling in Connecticut. James and Robert went to Pennsylvania. Does this old family story have any basis in fact? Does DNA prove or disprove this theory?

Family Legends of Branches B & G: Guthrie & Guthrie

Hypothesis: A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. That definition should stand out like a red flag to researchers of the Branch B lineages because many of the families identified under the 'Three Brothers Theory' were grouped together on the basis of educated guesswork. DNA saves the day, but also gives us a few new questions.

Family Legends of Branch C: Sam, I Am

A tiny trail of genealogical breadcrumbs suggests that the ancestors for Branch C are Samuel Guthrie and Margaret Knox of New Castle County, Delaware. The clues are pretty thin, but they do lead to interesting tales of a Gang of Counterfeiters! 

Family Legends of Branch D: The Archibald Factor

Do similar use of names and spellings and locations add up to some family clues? Maybe. Or, maybe not. 

Family Legends of Branch E: The Canonsburg Connection

Who are Andrew Paxton Guthrie's parents? Mystery solved. A few missing links have been found thanks to a Paxton cousin.

Family Legends: The Seven Brothers Theory

As if a "3 Brothers Theory" wasn't enough of a stretch, we've got another family legend stating that 7 Covenanting brothers came to America from Derry in Northern Ireland. Who were they? Where did they settle? Were there really 7 Guthrie brothers? Or were they brothers of the same church? Is there enough documentation or DNA to prove any of it?

Family Legends of Branch G: The Guthries of Pitforthy

Tempting, oh so tempting to take this family legend and hold it to be self evident just because it has been presented to us on a platter. Where is the documentation? Can DNA provide any clues? We need details!

Family Legends of Branch H: The Covenanter

John Guthrie, a zealous Covenanter, was forced to flee Scotland due to the very real threat of religious persecution. He settled in Northern Ireland, married Jane Stuart, and raised a family in or near Londonderry. This family legend provides names, dates, locations, but how much of it is true? DNA reveals that Branches A and E are most closely related to Branch H.

Family Legends of Branch K: Playing Hit & Miss with DNA

Theories about Robert Guthrie/Guttery of SC & GA stated he was probably a descendant of the Guthries of Middlesex County, Virginia (GFG1A). Wrong. DNA disproved that theory. Does it provide any clues as to why Robert was reportedly living in or near Charleston, South Carolina? One or two genetic mutations might provide some clues.

Guthrie Family Group 2A - Photo Gallery

Members may add your own historical family pictures to the photo gallery.

Research and Scanned Original Documents

A collection of research data and scanned documents: Birth Records, Immigration, Marriage/Divorce, Deeds, Warrants, Surveys, Taxes, Census Records, Court Records, Wills and Estate Records, Obituaries, Newspaper Articles. 

Other Surnames with Genetic Matches to GFG2A

Unlike some GUTHRIE FAMILY GROUPS that have the majority of their genetic matches to people of some other surname, GFG2A is definitely a very old GUTHRIE line. We do have a few high-level genetic matches to people of other surnames. An unknown causal factor (usually adoption or a non-paternal event) introduced GUTHRIE DNA into their family line.