Guthrie Genealogy



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Branches of Guthrie Family Group 2A, Historical Highlights, and their DNA

All of these branches descend from one Guthrie ancestor somewhere further back on our GFG2 collective Family Tree.

BRANCH A: Descendants of James Guthrie c1720IRE-1800NC & Elizabeth___________ 

BRANCH B: Descendants of Robert Guthrie c1699SCT-1750PA & Miss_________Darlington

BRANCH C: Descendants of James Guthrie c1758/65-c1812 & Elizabeth Eilor

BRANCH D: Descendants of Archibald Guthery c1710-17?? of the French & Indian Wars 

BRANCH E: Descendants of Robert Guthrie c1700IRE-1782PA & Bridget Dougherty

BRANCH F: Descendants of John Guthrie 1700CT-1756CT & Abigail Coe

BRANCH G: Descendants of a Londonderry Northern Ireland Guthrie 

BRANCH H: Descendants of John Guthrie 1708IRE-1790PA & Ann Hill

BRANCH I: Descendants of James Guthrie c1703SCT-c1778PA & Miss______Bissell

BRANCH J: Descendants of Joseph Guthrie 1825IRE-1909TN & Julia J McCarthy

BRANCH K: Descendants of Robert Guthrie c1750/2SC-1779 & Elizabeth 'Betsy'________ 

BRANCH L: Descendants of George Guthrie c1830IRE-c1880NY & Margaret Walker

BRANCH M: Descendants of Samuel Guthrie c1830SCT-1889IL & Catherine Stevenson

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Genetic Clusters of GFG2A

CLUSTER 1: Brandywine Connections and/or Mode Results [Branches B, F, I]

CLUSTER 2: The Guthries of Pitforthie Origin Story [Branch G]

CLUSTER 3: Colonial Delaware Origins [Branch C (and possibly K)]

CLUSTER 4: The Archibald Factor [Branch D (and possibly J)]

CLUSTER 5: Guthrie-Stuart [Branches A, E, H]

Branches not yet placed into a cluster: Branches L and M

A GENETIC CLUSTER is a collection of branches and/or linages with one or more common factors. These generally indicate that the cluster may have a more recent shared ancestor than the more distant common ancestor of the overall group. Clues can be found in the DNA as shared genetic mutations reveal patterns of inheritance amongst our Y-DNA Project participants.