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'American Guthrie and Allied Families' author Laurence R Guthrie theorized that the Archibald Guthery who fought in the French & Indian Wars was the father of two of our MD/PA Group lineages: Lt Col John Guthery (1744 - 1823) & Lydia Baldwin and Archibald Guthery (1753 - 1779) & Rebecca Phillips. Both have connections to Greene County, PA. Both used the surname variant spelling of Guthery. Both used the given name Archibald for their sons. DNA is inconclusive as regards this sibling relationship. John's descendants and Archibald's descendants have at least 1 pattern marker, but these may simply have developed after that first generation rather than being inherited from their fathers. Minus these pattern markers they are either exact or very close to Mode DNA suggesting that Cluster 4 could actually be a subgroup of Cluster 1.

THE DNA PROJECT: Guthrie Family Group 2A - Branch D - Cluster 4

Genetic Matches: (5) Lon Kenneth David Guthrie, Howard Lewis GuthrieJerry Hagan Guthrie, Bruce Hamilton Guthrie, Neil Lewin Guthrie

Plus 2 Matches of Other Surnames:  N47884 Tordiff and 273475 Roy *See below

LKDG and HLG share a proven common ancestor in John Guthery (1744-1823). They also share a unique genetic mutation at DYS715 not found in any other branch of the group. The group mode result for that marker is 24, including the two other Branch D men below.

JHG and BHG share a proven common ancestor in Archibald Guthery (1779-1845). They also share a genetic mutation at DYS458 with a value of 17 rather than the group mode of 18, which includes the two Branch D men above. BHG also has 2 other variations compared to LKDG, HLG & JHG. The first, a value of 17 (group mode 18) at DYS 464d, which is unique in the MD/PA Group only to BHG. The second is the value of 38 at CDYii (group mode 37), which is found in 4 other MD/PA Group members. 

Because of the variations now seen with further genetic testing the conclusion that Archibald Guthery (c1721) was the father of John & Archibald may be erroneous. At this point it is difficult to say whether the differences in the DNA reflect that of two separate branches within the group or if they represent recent changes in the DNA that have occurred sometime between John & Perry's birth for LKDG & HLG and Archibald (1753) & Archibald (1779) for JHG & BHG.

Branch D participant, Neil Lewin Guthrie, descends from John Guthery & Lydia Baldwin. Genetic markers on a Y67 test are a perfect 67/67 match for Mode DNA results. However there are 3 genetic differences in the remaining markers of his Y111 test, and one key lack of a variance.

DYS712=20 rather than group mode of 19. To this point only the Guthries of Branch G have shown this result. However, he does not have the corresponding pattern marker match that all Branch G members share at DYS442=11. So this is likely a random genetic change rather than inherited.

DYS715=24, which is the group mode result. Note that LKDG and HLG share the result of 25 at this marker. Since they share a much more recent common ancestor, Perry Guthrie, a great-grandson of John & Lydia Baldwin Guthery, it likely means that their result is unique to their line within Branch D and represents a recent change.

DYS504=15 rather than group mode of 16. He is the only participant in Guthrie Family Group 2 to have this particular genetic marker result. Likely a random/recent genetic change. 


We know very little about the man who is theorized to be the Branch D Progenitor. Archibald Guthery was in Pennsylvania's Cumberland Valley Settlement as early as 1750. He served in the French and Indian War. "A list of the Detachment of the Pennsylvania Regiment in Garrison at Fort Bedford under command of Col. Joseph Shippen, January 24, 1760; Captain Armstrong's Company: Archibald Gutrie, private." (Pa. Arch., Ser. 5, Vol. 1, p.305.) He is the only private named, presumably because he was a recruit. Others "drafted at Loudoun" (Fort Loudon) are mentioned.

Laurence R. Guthrie in his book 'American Guthrie and Allied Families' proposes that this Archibald Guthery is the father of the Archibald Guthery born in 1753 who married Rebecca Phillips. We have a DNA match for a descendant of Archibald & Rebecca's indicating that he is a MD/PA Group Guthrie. The author also indicated that Col. John Guthery who married Lydia Baldwin was probably a brother of Archibald, and therefore another son of Archibald Guthery, Sr. The detailed DNA results may tell a slightly different story, but we need more participation amongst the descendants to see if the variations are early family trends or changes during recent generations.

LRG: "Archibald Guthrie married in 1774, Rebecca Phillips. He took up land in Whiteley Township, Greene County, Pa. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was wounded by an Indian at what is now East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa., early in August, 1779. He managed to escape from the Indian and made his way back to Fort Pitt, a part of which is still standing at the Point, Pittsburgh, Pa., where he died from the effect of his wound, Aug. 5, 1779. Rebecca, his widow,lm lived on his homestead and later married (2) Solomon Hobbs. At their deaths both were buried on the Guthrie homestead. It is said that she was born near Glasgow, Scotland. She died in 1851." 

This branch of the Guthrie family might actually be a sub-branch of the Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Guthries of Branch B, but that has not been established by a documented paper trail. Its close proximity to those Guthrie families is the prime motivator for that hypothesis. Since we know that all branches of the MD/PA Group eventually do merge together under a single patriarch, it is quite likely that some of our established branches might find some common links on this side of the Atlantic.

According to a biography of Samuel Guthrie (1820-1903), son of Archibald & Elizabeth (Lemley) Guthrie, and grandson of Archibald & Rebecca (Phillips) Guthery, their Guthrie family came to America from Ireland.  

The first 1-2 generations of Branch D frequently used the spelling variant of GUTHERY, but later generations spelled it GUTHRIE.  

John Guthery (1744-1823) & Lydia Baldwin (1755-1816): 8 sons and 4 daughters

  • William Guthery (1772-1829) was born in Greene, PA. He married Catherine Theobald. They lived in Ohio & Indiana. Direct ancestor of DNA Project participants Lon Kenneth Guthrie and Howard Lewis Guthrie.
  • Archibald Guthery was born 20 Jan 1774. This use of the name Archibald is one reason John was suspected to be a son & brother of the 2 Archibald Gutherys.
  • John Guthery (1776-1824). John died intestate in Pike County, Ohio.
  • Francis Guthery was born 1 Jan 1778. May have died in 1790.
  • George Guthery was born on 26 March 1779. He lived in Pike County, Ohio and Illinois.
  • Elizabeth Guthery was born 26 March 1781. 
  • Priscilla Guthery was born 16 Jan 1783. She married William Collings in Ross County, Ohio.
  • Aaron Guthery was born 31 Dec 1784. He served as the Pike County Sheriff in Pike, Ohio and died while in office.
  • Rebekah Guthery was born 21 Jan 1786. She married James Daniels. She died 15 June 1819. They have an interesting descendant in the form of "Mother Stewart", a women's temperance activist, and a nurse and public crusader during the Civil War.
  • Moses Guthery was born on 12 Feb 1787. He married Hannah Hastings. They lived in Pike County, OH.
  • Joseph Guthery was born on 29 March 1790. He married Hannah Dever. They lived in Pike and Marion, OH.
  • Lydia Guthery was born on 17 Oct 1794. She married William D. Peters. They lived in Pike County, Ohio.

Archibald Guthery (1753-1779) & Rebecca Phillips: 1 son and 2 daughters

  • Elizabeth Guthery was born 20 Dec 1774 in Fayette County, PA. She married Jacob Fordyce. She died 20 Dec 1857 in Center, Greene, PA
  • Jane Guthery was born in 1777. She married Andrew Dyer. No further information.
  • Archibald Guthery was born on 3 March 1779. He married Elizabeth Lemley. They lived in Whitely, Greene, PA. He died there 23 Aug 1845. Direct ancestor of two DNA Project Participants: Jerry Hagan Guthrie and Bruce Hamilton Guthrie.


Two participants in the Guthrie DNA Project most closely match Guthrie Family Group 2A's Branch D. Specifically the descendants of Archibald Guthery & Rebecca Phillips.

Although both have 7 genetic differences, 4 of those differences are found on both Tordiff and Roy's DNA:

DYS458=17 (18), DYS464a=15 (14), DYS464c=17 (16), DYS464d=17 (18).

BHG matches them on DYS458=17 (18) and DYS464d=17 (18)

JHG matches them on DYS458=17 (18)

Group Mode Result in Parenthesis (*) 

The generation and location of paternal events, adoptions, names changes, etc, remains undetermined at this point. 


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Related Geography (See 'Family History 101' for county formation maps):

Augusta County, Virginia [Formed in 1738 from Orange]

Bedford County, Pennsylvania [Formed in 1771 from Cumberland]

West Augusta District, Virginia [Formed in 1773 from Augusta District]

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania [Formed in 1773 from Bedford County, PA in 1773]

Monongalia County, Virginia [Formed in 1776 from West Augusta District along with Yohogalia and Ohio Counties.]

Agreement reached between PA and VA regarding state borders in 1779, but VA counties not officially eliminated until 1784-5. This includes all of Yohogalia, and parts of Ohio and Monongalia Counties, VA.

Washington County, Pennsylvania [Formed from Westmoreland, PA in 1781] 

Greene County, Pennsylvania [Formed in 1796 from Washington, PA]

Ross County, Ohio [Formed in 1798 from Adams, Hamilton & Washington, OH, a large county in central OH]