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Check out "Family Legends of Branch C: Sam, I Am" for all of the details on this Origin Theory. The abridged version is that there are a few clues suggesting that the lineages of Branch C may originate with a the family of Samuel & Mary Guthrie from Pencader Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware.

THE DNA PROJECT: Guthrie Family Group 2A - Branch C - Cluster 3

1/2013 Update: All descendants of Robert Guthrie and Castilla Simpson have an additional unique genetic marker not shared by the rest of the group: DYS561 = 17. The final Y-111 Upgrade results for Participant 152427 DWG, a descendant of Edmund Guthrie and Elizabeth Sapp, also show the same genetic marker results at DYS561 = 17. The presence of a result of 17 confirms that Robert and Edmund are brothers. They inherited that marker from a recent common ancestor. 

Genetic Matches: 4

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Gregory Scott Guthrie

Clarence R. Guthrie

William Leroy Guthrie

Daryl W. Guthrie

We need descendants of James Guthrie Jr & Louisa Rebecca Naylor to participate in the study. James' descendants should also have the genetic marker DYS561 = 17. This would confirm the ancestral line back to James Guthrie & Elizabeth Eilor and provide a more certain basis for the paper trail leading back to the Guthrie of St Georges and Pencader Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware as their progenitors.


The DNA Project has proven that descendants of Robert & Castilla (Simpson) Guthrie and Edmund & Elizabeth (Sapp) Guthrie share the same genetic heritage. However, there is only one piece of documented evidence found to date that lists them together. They both served in Captain Samuel Kennedy's Company of Artillery during the War of 1812. Both share connections with the Sapp family, Edmund by marriage, and Robert through a series of Court Records. A third Guthrie, Sarah Rebecca, married Elizabeth Sapp's brother Benjamin Franklin Sapp.

Their family ties are inferred through these connections and backed up by matching DNA.

The parents of Robert, Edmund & Sarah are found in 'American Guthrie and Allied Families', by Lawrence R. Guthrie. Information on 'James Guthrie of Fayette County, PA' is found on pp.456-7.

"James Guthrie is listed here as a post Revolutionary immigrant to America because we do not have the date of his arrival, and the year 1790 when he was living in Fayette County, Pa., according to the United States Census of that year, is the first record we have of him.

According to a descendant, Ira E. Guthrie, this James Guthrie was born in Scotland, and was the son of a Samuel Guthrie of Scotland, who married Rebecca______.
Their children were:
1. Robert Guthrie
2. Samuel Guthrie Jr
3. William Guthrie
4. James Guthrie, b. about 1750
5. Rebecca Guthrie 

James Guthrie married in Fayette County, Pa., Elizabeth Eilor, who was born in Germany.
Children all born in Fayette County, Pa.:
1. James Guthrie, b. in 1798
2. Robert Guthrie
3. William Guthrie
4. Edward Guthrie
5. Polly Guthrie
6. Betsy Guthrie
7. Hannah Guthrie
8. Sallie Guthrie
9. Catherine Guthrie
10. Margaret Guthrie"

LRG goes on to list more information on James & Elizabeth's son, James Guthrie, who married Louisa Rebecca Naylor. These are the direct ancestors of Ira E Guthrie of Chicago, Illinois (b.1881 in Indiana) who contributed the information for the book. Ira's letter to LRG stated that he had been to the area of Scotland where these Guthries originated on several occasions, but he failed to name it in the letter. Passenger lists do show Ira returning from the British Isles on the ship Berengaria that left Southampton, England on 20 Oct 1928 and arriving in New York, New York, USA on 26 Oct 1928, and again on the Bremen in 1931 and 1932. 

James Guthrie Sr was born sometime before 1765 according to census records. His wife was reportedly Elizabeth Eilor, whose surname has a number of variant spellings. They married about 1785, based upon the birth dates of known children and census records, possibly in Fayette, Pennsylvania. They lived in Pennsylvania through 1800, after which they were living in Monongalia County, Virginia. James died sometime during the War of 1812. His widow Elizabeth Guthrie survived him. She lived in Monongalia and Tyler Counties, Virginia. Tyler was renamed Wetzel in 1849. Elizabeth died sometime between 1840-1850 either in Tyler or Wetzel depending on the actual date of her death. Wetzel County later became part of West Virginia.

Keep in mind that at one time, the area where these Guthries lived was simultaneously claimed by Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia. 

Branch C descendants lived primarily in that part of Virginia that became West Virginia. Many remained in West Virginia, or emigrated to Ohio. There are also several male descendants for whom we have no confirmed record. 

The James Guthrie listed as a child of James Guthrie & Elizabeth Eilor is Ira's direct ancestor. James Guthrie (1789-1845) married Louisa Rebecca Naylor. They moved to Woodsfield, Monroe, OH from Morgantown, Monongalia, VA. 

The Robert Guthrie listed as a child of James Guthrie & Elizabeth Eilor is presumably Robert Guthrie (1790-1874) who married Castilla Simpson. Their family remained in West Virginia. 3 of the 4 DNA Project participants for Branch C are descendants. 

The Edward Guthrie listed as a child of James Guthrie & Elizabeth Eilor is presumably Edmund Guthrie (1800-1836) who married Elizabeth Sapp. The names Edmund & Edward were often difficult to distinguish in the early documents. They lived near Morgantown on the Monongalia River in VA/WV. Edmund was in the same militia company as Robert during the War of 1812. Edmund & Elizabeth had 6 sons and 1 daughter. One DNA Project participant is a descendant.

The Sallie Guthrie listed as a child of James Guthrie & Elizabeth Eilor is presumably Sarah Rebecca Guthrie who married Benjamin Franklin Sapp. 

The Margaret Guthrie listed as a child of James Guthrie & Elizabeth Eilor is presumably Margaret Guthrie (1812-1899) who married Robert Lyons.

There is currently no information on children William, Polly, Betsy, Hannah or Catherine. Census records suggest they were all born between 1790-1810.

Although available documentation point to James Guthrie & Elizabeth Eilor as the parents of Robert & Edmund, it will take a DNA test by a descendant of James & Louisa Rebecca (Naylor) Guthrie to prove it. 

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Take a look at the Branch C Origin Theories to learn about James Guthrie's possible parents and grandparents. 


One of the most important issues to conquer while researching these families is discovering where to find them. It is less of an issue of them moving around a lot as it is the division and creation of states and counties within one geographic region. Pennsylvania, Virginia, and at one time even Connecticut, were in dispute over the same region, so the places where the Guthrie family lived might be credited to either state. Lands currently in West Virginia were in Virginia or Pennsylvania prior to 1863.

Family History 101's County Formation Maps 

1776: MONONGALIA COUNTY, VA from Western District of Augusta, VA

1781: NW section of Monongalia, VA became WASHINGTON COUNTY, PA and Greene County, PA in 1796

1783: NE corner of Monongalia became FAYETTE COUNTY, PA / FAYETTE formed from Westmoreland, PA.

1818: EAST half of Monongalia became PRESTON COUNTY, VA.

1863: WEST VIRGINIA formed from Virginia 


Primary publications for data on the Sapp/Guthrie families of Monongalia County:

A History of the Sapp Family, by J. Gooden Sapp and H.W. Stanley, 1910, p.65 
An online scan of the book can be found at Google Book Search 

American Guthrie and Allied Families, by Laurence R. Guthrie, 1933, p.64 and p.456
An online transcription of this section of the book can be found:
Footnotes indicate that LRG used the following to gather some source material on Edmund and Robert Guthrie, and the Sapp family:

A History of Monongalia County, Virginia, by Samuel T. Wiley, 1883, p.487 and p.495 
An index can be found online at Google Books. 

Southern  Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements 
Pension Application of Joseph Sapp, S:41122, Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris 
Original Document Images are available online at 

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